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Horse Fast Glue - Size 160 ml

Horse farrier adhesive. Fast adhere glue Horse Hoof .Of general use. In case of use with cold temperatures it is necessary to use the appropriate heater to maintain the optimal temperature of 22 ° C. The product fears frost, therefore it should be stored at temperatures no lower than 15 ° C.


    The coaxial cartridge must be used with a special gun with a specific size (found on the site) and with specific mixers in order to have an optimal mixing. We use the 200 ml screw-top mixer that you find on the site. The gun cannot be the normal one from silicone, although it has the same size, as it requires a greater strength than those found on the market.


    The products are guaranteed if stored in a suitable environment and at the right temperature.


    The shipping costs are determined based on the quantities and the place of destination